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General License of translation (GLT version, revision 5, "The elections")
Art.3: License of translation
  1. Object of the cession
    The author recognizes to the participant a nonexclusive right of version on the work, and the equal rights on any exhibited version on Internet.
  2. Birth, duration and extension of the rights
    By common agreement, the author and the participant of this license declare:
    1. The transfer and recognition of equal rights of version ends with the end of the exhibition on Internet of the participated version.
    2. New versions of work do not cancel the rights granted to preceding versions exhibited on Internet.
  3. Visibility declaration, attribution and faithful license
    The visibility rules of the Internet© modifier are applicable to the declarations of visibility of the versions exhibited. Under this license, your version will be always part of the original work. The attribution line(s) to the author and/or other participants must be written in accordance with the syntax recommendations of the Internet© modifier. The license line must include a reference to the faithful text of this license, in the same o another language. For example:
    Internet© year of version, participant's name
    &Internet© year of version, author's name
    GLT-EN v1 (
  4. Integrity of the work
    You cannot exhibit on Internet separate parts of the work, except as a quotation. New versions of the work, such as an adaptation, a comment, a summary or any other similar production, will have to precisely point on at least one reference version, exhibited on Internet. Any partial version will have to precisely point on at least one integral version, exhibited on Internet.
  5. Direct refunding and indirect exploitation
    You can refund your exhibition direct expenses on Internet, and you can develop indirect business services with any version of the work or any link to the work, in so far your solution does not make restrictions on free access, and does not degrade the visibility conditions, of the exhibited version on Internet.
  6. Restriction on copyright
    The holder of the original rights of work, the author, restricts, and suspends on his behalf and on that of all the participants, all the commercial rights for all the versions of this work, in all Countries, and in all languages.
  7. Arbitration clause
    In the absence of a framework of procedures to which to adhere, any difference in interpretation on the contents of this license will be solved in accordance with the personal opinion of the original rights-holder of the work: the author.

Internet© 1999-2005 Unofficial Version -
GLT-EN version 1.5 (
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