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General License of translation (GLT version, revision 5, "The elections")
Art.4: Restrictions
  1. On Holding rights
    The transfer of version rights and the recognition of equal trusteeship is not applicable to users that do no exhibit their version of the work on Internet.
  2. On rights
    Apart from the conditions implied by the Internet© visibility rules and followed by this license, all rights ARE RESERVED in all countries and for all languages.
  3. On free usage of the license
    You can separately use this license, its text and its title, and sign it under your own name, under an identical or modified version, to attach it to works which you created. This license does not contain any idea or expression that would not be found or deducted from the Laws and International Treaties relating to Intellectual Rights, or from the specification of the Internet© visibility modifier. As a separate piece of text, this license should not be regarded as a work protected by copyright.
  4. On protected usage of the license
    The General License of translation, its text and its title, is an integral part of a major work that it protects, and in which it is protected, in all countries and for all languages. All the conditions and restrictions applicable to the major work are conditions and restrictions applicable to the text of this license. You will find the integral text of the major work at the address:

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