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General License of translation (GLT version, revision 5, "The elections")
Art.2: Definitions
  1. The purpose of the General License of Translation (GLT) is to promote on Internet the free circulation and free access of the translatable works that it protects.
  2. In accordance with its title, this license protects translatable works, whose universal scope depends on their translation in other languages. Across its title, this license admits all the nuances of the version of a work: it authorizes the transformation, derivation, the translation, the modification and the adaptation of the work that it protects, in order to exhibit it on Internet.
  3. "Internet©" is a visibility modifier used in declarations of intellectual property (, which authorizes the transformation and prohibits the reproduction of the work. In this license, "Internet" indicates, by exclusion of all countries, the location where the work is exhibited, in any version, with the Internet modifier. Also, a «work exhibited on Internet» defines a work declared with the Internet© modifier, and the expression applies to all versions of this work.
  4. The holder of the original rights of the work is designated "the author". The holder of the exposed version on Internet is designated as a "participant" ("You").
  5. The "trusteeship" indicates the moral and patrimonial rights as a whole, performed by the author on the work, and by the participants, each one according to their respective versions.
  6. In what follow, and without precision, both words "work" and "version" are interchangeable and indicate, without distinction "the original version" and the "participated version". The "original version" indicates the version where the name of the author and of the participant is the same one, and the "participated version" the version where the names of author and participant are different.
  7. In conformity with the national and international laws on intellectual property, the author and the participant declare:
    1. The author's trusteeship on his work is personal and unitary
    2. The participant's trusteeship on his version does not prejudice the author's trusteeship on the work.
    3. The trusteeship performed by the author and the participant on their respective versions, is the same one.
  8. The GLT applies to all work translatable exhibited on Internet with an Internet© visibility declaration and including:
    1. The work identification and the author's name;
    2. The participant's name, when it is different from that of the author;
    3. The reference to the faithful text of this license, for example:

      Internet© year, author's name
      GLT-EN v1 (

Internet© 1999-2005 Unofficial Version -
GLT-EN version 1.5 (
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