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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
V.2. Exhibition of the Convention
Art.54: Votes by plebiscite of a version of the Convention
  1. To organize the plebiscite, the TAH follows the direct poll protocol. An issued ballot is favorable to the exhibited version. After voting, the rule of vote reduction is applied in order to determine the approved versions and the mentors that will be part of the Council of Trustees.
  2. In accordance with the results of the plebiscite, the database of legitimate Trustees is rebuilt. The approved versions of the Convention are considered original versions, and the name of their mentor will appear alone. Other versions of the work will follow the GLT rules: their exploitation is prohibited in all countries and for all languages.
  3. A new succession version of the Convention will be noted by a new, consecutive, version number, and a revision number /r0/ (zero). A new translated version of the work adopts the same version number and revision that the Convention in force. After a referendum, when several versions have been approved for the same Trustee Language, the version having received the greatest number of votes will be used for reference; the following versions will show, after the language code, a serial number from /s1/ (number one).
  4. Except special provisions contained in the new executable version, all the electoral and executive mandates remain in force until their extinction or cancellation by procedure.

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