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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
V.2. Exhibition of the Convention
Art.53: Calling
  1. Any person who complies with the individuation rule and who exhibits a version of the Convention in the terms defined by the GLT, can request a plebiscite of Convention exhibition.
  2. After the reception of the candidate's request, the TAH or a legitimated trustee presents the new version to the trustees, in accordance with the protocol applicable to sentences of the Council. A contrary Council's vote means the refusal of the plebiscite request.
  3. The Council of Trustees establishes if the work corresponds to a translated version or to a succession version of the Convention, and it provides the list of Trustees that will be exhibited in plebiscite. For a translated version, the Council will establish (if necessary) the Trustees who share the same Trustee Language and who accept to be exhibited. On its side, a succession version exhibits, in addition to the holder of the new version, all the Trustees who accept to exhibit themselves. The Council will also establish the necessary time so participants can update their own versions of the Convention, in order to exhibit themselves.
  4. A contrary Council's vote means the refusal of the request for exhibition and closes the procedure.

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