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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
IV.2. Rules of procedure
Art.32: TAH versus Procedure Spokesman competences
  1. Competences of the TAH related to the procedure course are:
    1. Reception of motion requests;
    2. Reception of candidatures;
    3. Direction of deliberations;
    4. Officers nomination;
    5. Reception and poll of ballots;
    6. Publication of the results;
    7. The attribution of a number for adopted decision and the update of the registries.
  2. The procedure spokesman can exert the following options
    1. Choosing the qualified majority.
    2. Requesting the secrecy in a restricted vote.
    3. Choosing the direct vote (associative way) rather than the Council vote (quick way).
    4. Requesting a legitimating vote, after a contradictory vote of the Council by qualified majority:
  3. The possibility to choose the qualified majority does not imply the opposite option: the Spokesman cannot choose the simple majority if the qualified majority is mandatory.
  4. The choice of the associative vote does not imply the reverse option: the Spokesman cannot choose the second vote of the Council when the associative way is imposed by the amount of the budget.
  5. Any dissension between the Spokesman and the TAH will be solved according to the criterion of the TAH or, at the request of the Spokesman, by a sentence of the Council of Trustees. In this case, the current procedure is suspended waiting for a Council sentence.

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