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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
IV.2. Rules of procedure
Art.31: Procedure Spokesman
  1. The Holder Spokesman and the Procedure Spokesman, the representatives of the Contractor (the Holder) and of the mandatary (the procedure spokesman ).
  2. A project Holder will designate his Spokesman among the mediators in exercise. The designated Spokesman must present the corresponding procedure, defend the project, and if approved, he will receive the mission order to carry out it: the he will order to the Holder the project realization, as designated representative of the registered participants and of the approved entities.
  3. Any person or entity, registered member or not, with or without electoral rights, is allowed to request a procedure as Holder Spokesman. There is no restriction on the Holder Spokesman's quality, who can be:
    1. The TAH in person, for example for administrative procedures;
    2. Parts committed in a arbitration procedure;
    3. The author of a work, in the criticism procedure;
    4. A company offering a job or service contract;
    5. etc.
  4. At the time of an ordinary procedure, the Procedure Spokesman is compulsorily a mediator in exercise who exhibits and defends the proposal during the deliberations. For constitutional procedures, the TAH acts as Procedure Spokesman.
  5. The spokesmen's identity is published in the motion. Notwithstanding, the arbitration procedure allows the use of initials of the litigating parts.

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