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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
IV.2. Rules of procedure
Art.33: Binary vote. Majority and voting rules
  1. The binary vote is used primarily for the adoption of executive or administrative mandates. It admits only one answer among two possible: for or against.
  2. The Rules of majority describe the criteria used to determine the result of a binary vote.
    1. The simple majority is half plus one of the votes cast during a binary vote.
    2. The qualified majority designates the majority of two thirds of the votes cast during a binary vote.
  3. The direct polls decide by simple majority, without exception.
  4. The qualified majority is mandatory when the Holder or the candidate is a mediator in exercise or an approved entity. The qualified majority is also applicable, if it is the Spokesman's choice, for ordinary procedures that use the simple majority. In procedures where the holder is also the mediator President (the TAH), the qualified majority is always used.
  5. The Council's sentences are given by simple majority, except when they intervene in second vote, in a procedure using the qualified majority. This is the case for ordinary procedures by qualified majority, and for presidential nomination procedures.
  6. The simple majority applies in all the other cases.
  7. The account of the voices of the legitimate Trustees is carried out in accordance with the number of legitimate versions of the Convention. A Trustee has as many voting rights within the Council than legitimate versions of the Convention which have his name
  8. The voting poll is always individual. The resolutions associated with a budget use the associative vote. The budget is approved when the two following conditions are given, in the following order:
    1. The first poll shows a simple majority of favorable ballots;
    2. In a second voting, the sum of capital of favorable voters is higher than the amount of the budget.

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