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In3activa Convention of translators and interpreters (CITI version 1, revision 5, "The Elections")
VI.3. Common clauses of the General Agreement
Art.91: Arbitration clause
  1. The arbitration clause binds the registered professionals and companies, participants or not, with the clauses of the General Agreement and, in particular, with the procedure of mediation and arbitration of the Convention.
  2. The arbitration clause must be reproduced on all contracts, estimate and purchase orders, on paper medium or electronics.
    For example, and following the declaration of conformity:

    Any difference in the interpretation of this contract will be liable to the procedure of mediation and arbitration contained in the Convention.
  3. Any clause or provision that invalidate the arbitration clause is void.
  4. The observation of the arbitration clause is mandatory for professionals and companies, either individuals or entities. These sentences are executory before a court, even when the parts lie in different States. Nonprofessional private individuals can appeal to the civil courts in their living countries.

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