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The Rape of Europe(Reasoned Introduction)
With the recognition of the right of version and of the participants' trusteeship equality on their respective versions, the General License of Translation underlines the identity relationship that binds the freedom of expression and the right to use their own language. Then, the license of execution of the Convention introduces a democratic reform into the copyright practice, which subordinates the particular trusteeship to the general will, as expressed by the participants' voting. In all Countries, in all languages, the In3activa® author's mark is used in private agreements, and it helps to identify participants who adhere to the rules and procedures of this Convention.
In a new world where Peoples are plains; their stories, as rivers which flow towards the sea; and where the languages are natural borders; translators are mediators, at the same time craftsmen of the dialogue between nations, and guarantors of the Peoples' most cherished freedom: the freedom to speak in our own language. Here is an agreement to which all the individuals are convened, without taking into account their quality, their origin or their language.
Who did the translation of these words now invites you to write your name on the cover of this work, and to pronounce in your own language, for yourself, and in front of the universe: — Here is my will, my work and my right.
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