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The Rape of Europe(Reasoned Introduction)
In3activa® Convention of translators and interpreters
Out of Internet, the General License of Translation suspends the reproduction of the work, for all versions. The decision of the author determines, for example, the marketing of a translation in a given country, although the common sense perceives which are here the natural limits of the human understanding. The license reaffirms the author's trusteeship, but it recognizes also to participants their equal rights of version, in terms that invite to seek formulas that guarantees this equality. The result is a authored agreement, which is at the same time a translatable work protected by the GLT, and the first executable work out of Internet: the In3activa® Convention of translators and interpreters, or CITI.
Any contract is based on two premises: the parts are equal in rights, and the extent of the contract is the same for all parts. In the case of the Convention, the contract itself is announced like a translatable work, which is at the same time an author's agreement. All its contents turn around the conditions which will make it possible to confer on a version of work, suitably exposed on Internet, legal force under the laws of a country. This position is not an innovation regarding the participants' necessity to celebrate a preliminary contract with the author, before to exploit his version commercially. The true innovation appears in the recognized equality of the author and the participants. Everything seems to contribute to the creation of a knot of contradictory interests between the author and the participants, regarding the exploitation rights outside Internet. In fact, the content of the Convention leaves to the author the ability to untie this Gordian knot.

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