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The Rape of Europe(Reasoned Introduction)
The In3activa® Convention of Translators and Interpreters (CITI) is a translatable work protected by the General License of Translation. Placed under the trusteeship of Translators and Interpreters, this work makes advantages the universality of the intellectual property laws and the privileged properties of Internet to promote the general establishment of a General Agreement, equally applicable in all countries and for all languages. In3activa® is the author's mark allowing to bind private contracts with the procedures of the Convention.
Because it is an agreement, the contractual nature of the work determines its style and its presentation. The work is composed of three distinct documents, which form an unity: This reasoned Introduction, entitled "Le Rape of Europe", describes the genesis of the pact. The General license of translation (GLT), which chooses to define Internet as the place of exposure of the work and of the celebration of the author's pact. Lastly, the In3ActivA® Convention of Translators and Interpreters (CITI) give his name, expose and develop the principles and the procedures of the general Agreement, when embedded in private contracts thanks to the In3ActivA® conformity declaration.

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In3ActivA® is an author's mark subjected to the provisions of the Convention.